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New Products

Heat Reflective Film

Heat Reflective Films
These films are made from a lightweight aerospace material. They have a fire resistant, pressure sensitive adhesive which meets or exceeds the FAA 12-second vertical burn requirement. The peel strength is about 10 #/inch when pulled at 180 degrees. These films are easy to install and remove. They are also easy to repair since the film adheres to itself. They are extremely versatile because they can easily be cut and formed.

Provides radiant heat protection up to 750°F.
Has a heat soak/continuous operating temperature of 500°F.
Has up to 70°F gradient temperature drop across film during normal operating temperatures.
Breaks down at 850°F of continuous radiant heat.
Film is 28" wide, 6 mil thick and weighs about 5 oz/yd²

Reflects at least 95% of the radiant energy.
Provides radiant heat protection up to 1050°F (and higher for short durations).
There is a minimum of 400°F gradient temperature drop across film during normal operating temperatures.
Film is 28" wide, 15 mil thick and weighs about 17 oz/yd²

IMPORTANT! Other companies have tried to duplicate this product. To be sure you get the genuine product, look for a film that is 27"-29" wide and has a white, fire resistant adhesive instead of a clear flammable adhesive.
Heat Reflective Film
Simple to use.
Saves time and money.
Requires only one person to bleed brakes.
Perfect for racing where brake fluid is changed frequently.
A must for the do-it-yourselfer.
Available for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks and any vehicle with hydraulic brakes.
Speed Bleeder

STRi Gauges

STRi Gauges
DSD Warning Gauge Series

Stri DSD warning gauges offer full function, features, and extreme accuracy. Driven by rugged stepper motor, control by advance microprocessor, DSD is the latest technology in precise monitoring device. DSD gauge series is equipped with laboratory grade sending units.